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Andrew's 9th Birthday Party - Great Fun, Great Friends

On Sunday Stephanie had a birthday party for Andrew. His birthday was on August 28th, but with everyone busy getting ready for school things didn't work out. We wanted to have the party at the Northfield Gymnastics Club and they were booked out until Sunday, so we had the party a month late.

It worked out great! The Gymnastics Club is great for parties because the kids are run and jump and yell and be crazy as much as they want! This is especially nice for Andrew and his buddies, who are all high energy little boys. I was coaching Jacob's fall baseball so I wasn't able to attend but Stephanie said all the boys had a fantastic time.

I love these pictures. Andrew's friends are a mixture of boys from school, church and baseball. So many great kids. I can't wait to watch them all grow up together and become young men. And I pray for God's blessing on them and that they would all grow up loving and serving Jesus. Most of the boys have played on my baseball teams an…

Andrew's Great Reports

Everyone who knows Andrew knows he is the sweetest boy. He has a tender, loving heart and a huge smile. However, the thing that gets Andrew into trouble is that he has a problem with ants in his pants. He can get kinda hyper and wild sometimes. He is working so hard to control his body and make good choices with his hands and his words.

On Monday afternoon I got this email from Andrew's third grade teacher...

I promised Andrew that I would email you to let you know that he had a FABULOUS afternoon!!! He even earned a sucker reward in math class today! He really worked hard! YEAH ANDREW!!!!!!

Then this came to my inbox a day later...

Andrew was awesome at math yesterday. He worked hard and stayed focused during our math check up "quiz", productively helped me check student work with a stamp after he successfully completed the warm up problem, and he earned 10 stamps for good behavior over the past few days. (Lori said he ran in after math and gave her a big hug he was so…

Circle the Lake 5k

Last weekend I raced in the Circle the Lake 5K. Last year I was registered for the 10K but I wasn't able to participate due to a leg injury. I was stuck cheering from the sidelines as my friend Blake won the 5K part of the race. I set a goal that day that in 2015 I would come back and win the 5K.
I'd been training pretty hard for the last month to make sure I could come in under last year's winning time. Circle the Lake isn't a big race but I didn't want to take a chance. In my training I did longer runs, sprints, stairs, and speed training. I was worried the day before the race because my calves were really sore from a stair workout a few days earlier. That's why I have those white compression wraps on my legs in the picture above.
It was a really funny start to the race for me. I got to Millersburg a little late, and I really had to use the bathroom, so I was in the Port-a-Potty when the gun went off to start the race. I raced out and crossed the start line …

Waseca Congregational Church - Protecting the Presence of God (Judges Judges 6:1-14 / Proverbs 4:23)


Mark Driscoll, Lions and Total Weirdness

Last night I slept without an alarm clock at someone else's house. I think I am under a lot of stress because I had a dream that I was at Mark Driscoll's house (he is a Pastor formerly in the Seattle area and now in Houston). In my dream Mark had a pet lion, lioness and an alligator walking around his backyard. There was no fence between the patio and the lions' roaming area and the lions came up next to the house. Suddenly, while we were asking mark why there was  no fence, and old man in a jungle guide outfit appeared and started throwing ginormous pieces of meat to the lion who laid like seals on the ground in front of him. The alligator was also sliding around on the patio looking for food. The situation got quite tense and then 'poof' I woke up right on time. It was all quite strange. 
If any of you readers interpret dreams (or just want to make something up) I would love to hear it.

The Worst News I've Ever Received - Please Pray

When I got to work yesterday I saw a status update on someone's Facebook page requesting prayers because they had seen a horrible accident just north of Northfield. I said a quick prayer but didn't dwell on it too much until a couple hours later when I got a text message from one of my best friends requesting prayer for his wife and two daughters. My heart stopped. I knew the two things were connected.
My wife and I were texting each back and forth and after about an hour I came across the newspaper article online that confirmed all my fears. My friend Shannon and her girls Kyra (7) and Jada (4) were struck by a semi-truck. The news was horrible. Here is a link to the online news story.

I couldn't believe it. It wasn't real. This wasn't supposed to happen. It was just supposed to be a Monday. How the in the world.....???

I knew it wasn't good when I read that Shannon and the girls were all transported to Hennepin County Medical Center by air. "Lord Jesus&…

Happy 12th birthday Jacob. A year in review through pictures.