Andrew's 9th Birthday Party - Great Fun, Great Friends

On Sunday Stephanie had a birthday party for Andrew. His birthday was on August 28th, but with everyone busy getting ready for school things didn't work out. We wanted to have the party at the Northfield Gymnastics Club and they were booked out until Sunday, so we had the party a month late.

It worked out great! The Gymnastics Club is great for parties because the kids are run and jump and yell and be crazy as much as they want! This is especially nice for Andrew and his buddies, who are all high energy little boys. I was coaching Jacob's fall baseball so I wasn't able to attend but Stephanie said all the boys had a fantastic time.

I love these pictures. Andrew's friends are a mixture of boys from school, church and baseball. So many great kids. I can't wait to watch them all grow up together and become young men. And I pray for God's blessing on them and that they would all grow up loving and serving Jesus. Most of the boys have played on my baseball teams and they are all great athletes. It will be exciting to watch as they get bigger and better and continue playing together.