Andrew's Great Reports

Everyone who knows Andrew knows he is the sweetest boy. He has a tender, loving heart and a huge smile. However, the thing that gets Andrew into trouble is that he has a problem with ants in his pants. He can get kinda hyper and wild sometimes. He is working so hard to control his body and make good choices with his hands and his words.


On Monday afternoon I got this email from Andrew's third grade teacher...

I promised Andrew that I would email you to let you know that he had a FABULOUS afternoon!!! He even earned a sucker reward in math class today! He really worked hard! YEAH ANDREW!!!!!!

Then this came to my inbox a day later...

Andrew was awesome at math yesterday. He worked hard and stayed focused during our math check up "quiz", productively helped me check student work with a stamp after he successfully completed the warm up problem, and he earned 10 stamps for good behavior over the past few days. (Lori said he ran in after math and gave her a big hug he was so excited:)

This was so good to read! It was a joy to give him a big hug last night and congratulate him on the great reports his teachers gave us.

I am grateful for the wonderful staff at St. Dominic School that loves Andrew and is dedicated to helping him grow and succeed as a student and as a young man. Thanks Lori, Kelly, Vicki and everyone else for all you do!