Mark Driscoll, Lions and Total Weirdness

Last night I slept without an alarm clock at someone else's house. I think I am under a lot of stress because I had a dream that I was at Mark Driscoll's house (he is a Pastor formerly in the Seattle area and now in Houston). In my dream Mark had a pet lion, lioness and an alligator walking around his backyard. There was no fence between the patio and the lions' roaming area and the lions came up next to the house. Suddenly, while we were asking mark why there was  no fence, and old man in a jungle guide outfit appeared and started throwing ginormous pieces of meat to the lion who laid like seals on the ground in front of him. The alligator was also sliding around on the patio looking for food. The situation got quite tense and then 'poof' I woke up right on time. It was all quite strange. 

If any of you readers interpret dreams (or just want to make something up) I would love to hear it.