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Reflections on Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones film "Logic on Fire"

Last night I had the chance to watch a screening of the movie Logic on Fire: the life and legacy of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. The movie was shown at Bethlehem Baptist Church. My wife Stephanie had no idea who Dr. Lloyd-Jones was and you may not either, so I'll tell you.

Dr. Lloyd-Jones was a prominent pastor and preacher in Wales and England from around 1930-1980. His preaching is recognized as being filled with the presence of the Spirit and incredible wisdom and precision regarding the use of Scripture. He spent many years preaching at Westminster Chapel in London where thousands came each week to hear him preach. It has been said that next to Charles Spurgeon, "the Dr." as he was often referred to, is one of the most important English preaching voices in history.  
I have been challenged, blessed and edified listening to Dr. Lloyd-Jones preaching. I woudl encourage you to listen to any of the thousands of sermons recorded and preserved on the MLJ Trust website.

The mov…

A Weekend Worth Repeating

A guy I work with used to start each Monday with the same question. "Do anything this weekend worth doing again?"

If I could I would repeat this last weekend every week. 

Here's the highlights...

Friday - took my wife on a date to the Ole Store in Northfield
Saturday - ran in the ABTA BT5K by Lake Como - had lunch at Joe Sensor's with my brother Aaron - spent time at hospital with my friend Jason and his wife Shannon - worked out at the Northfield YMCA - took kids to watched the Latino League Championship soccer match in Northfield - saw Notre Dame football beat USC
Sunday - preached at 1st Congregational Church in Waseca, MN - had family pictures taken by Angela Lauterbach - watched the Vikings beat the Chiefs - got some raking done in the yard - wings, tator tots and buffalo chicken dip during the Patriots/Colts game

Brain Tumor 5k and Brotherly Love

This morning I had the privilege to participate in a 5k to support the American Brain Tumor Association. I ran as a part of #TeamErin. Erin is the sister of my brother Aaron's friend. I didn't know Erin but I do know someone else who's life was taken because of a brain tumor.

It was a perfect morning for running a 5k. I wasn't out to set any records today, I just wanted to enjoy being with my brother. Things went perfectly. I had fun running and more importantly I got to invest in my bro and in someone who is important to him in his life. After running Aaron and I went out for burgers and watched some Hawkeye football. Like I said, things went perfectly!
The older I get the more I recognize how important it is to invest in my family. I am blessed by God to have great parents, two wonderful brothers and a fantastic sister. I would do anything for them and I know they'd do anything for me. As my family ages and grows I look forward to see how God will continue to le…

My Radio Interview on "This Northfield Life"

Another bucket list item checked off!

Last Wednesday night I had the privilege and pleasure of being interviewed on our local radio station in Northfield, AM1080 KYMN. I was a guest on a weekly show called This Northfield Life. The show is hosted by Corey Butler and Brad Ness. I have know Corey for three or four years, but this was the first time I'd met Brad. Corey and I first got connected through social media while he was running a local news website called Northfield Patch. He has since moved on from that job but we have stayed in contacted. I have always appreciated Corey's commitment to Northfield and helping the citizens of Northfield stay informed and engaged with what is happening around town.
Being on the radio was super fun! We talked for about thirty minutes and I couldn't believe how quickly the time went by. Some of the topics we covered were how I came to Northfield, going to school at Bethel University and Bethel Seminary, what is happening in Northfield ch…

Quarry Church - Protecting the Presence of God (Judges 6:1-14 / Proverbs 4:23) - 09/06/2015

This is a video of a sermon I gave at Quarry Church in Monticello, MN. The Quarry is the place where I served in ministry for four years. Love the church, the people, and the pastor will all my heart.

Best Of - Week 5 from Quarry Church on Vimeo.