A Weekend Worth Repeating

A guy I work with used to start each Monday with the same question. "Do anything this weekend worth doing again?"

If I could I would repeat this last weekend every week. 

Here's the highlights...

- took my wife on a date to the Ole Store in Northfield

- ran in the ABTA BT5K by Lake Como
- had lunch at Joe Sensor's with my brother Aaron
- spent time at hospital with my friend Jason and his wife Shannon
- worked out at the Northfield YMCA
- took kids to watched the Latino League Championship soccer match in Northfield
- saw Notre Dame football beat USC

- preached at 1st Congregational Church in Waseca, MN
- had family pictures taken by Angela Lauterbach
- watched the Vikings beat the Chiefs
- got some raking done in the yard
- wings, tator tots and buffalo chicken dip during the Patriots/Colts game