Brain Tumor 5k and Brotherly Love

This morning I had the privilege to participate in a 5k to support the American Brain Tumor Association. I ran as a part of #TeamErin. Erin is the sister of my brother Aaron's friend. I didn't know Erin but I do know someone else who's life was taken because of a brain tumor.

It was a perfect morning for running a 5k. I wasn't out to set any records today, I just wanted to enjoy being with my brother. Things went perfectly. I had fun running and more importantly I got to invest in my bro and in someone who is important to him in his life. After running Aaron and I went out for burgers and watched some Hawkeye football. Like I said, things went perfectly!

The older I get the more I recognize how important it is to invest in my family. I am blessed by God to have great parents, two wonderful brothers and a fantastic sister. I would do anything for them and I know they'd do anything for me. As my family ages and grows I look forward to see how God will continue to lead us and draw us all closer to one another.