15 "Church Nursery" Stereotypes

My kids love watching the Dude Perfect movies on YouTube. I like watching them too. The guys are super creative and super funny and super likable. Overall they are just super!

One of the reoccurring video segments the DudePerfect guys do is called "stereotypes." Each video has a theme and the guys in the video highlight all the stereotypical characters associated with that theme. Watch the video at the bottom of the post to get a better feeling for what I am talking about.

As a bi-monthly volunteer in my church's nursery I started thinking about the different toddler stereotypes I see each week. I didn't have any toddlers to recruit for a stereotypes video of my own (and I don't know how well they would have been able to act the parts anyway) so instead of making a video I will share a list with you.

So, with no further ado I give you..."Church Nursery Stereotypes."

1. The Biter - kid who bites other kids
2. The Thief - kid who steals toys from other kids
3. The Bully - kid who pushes other kids down or takes over their activities
4. The Snuggler - kid who just wants to be held and cuddled
5. The Napper - kid who sleeps all service
6. The Crier - kid who never stops crying from drop off to pick up
7. The Escapist - kid who constantly disappears and sneaks off
8. The Sicky - kid who is always coughing and who's nose is always running
9. The Snacker - kid who brings a snack cup and eats all service
10. The Drooler - kid with the wet shirt sucking on all the toys
11. The Shadow - kid who sticks to you all service and clings on your leg
12. The Stinker - kid who poops during nursery time every week
13. The Destroyer - kid who knocks everything down and leaves a trail wherever he goes
14. The Pacifier Sampler - kid who always has another kid's pacifier in his mouth
15. The Angel - kid who sits still and alone, plays quietly, shares toys with others, never has a BM, and needs no extra attention (often named Jesus and rides into nursery on a unicorn)