The 10 Manly Traits of Boaz

I am a fan of the Old Testament book of Ruth. If you have never read it I highly encourage you to take 15 minutes and read it. It is a great story of love, loyalty, tragedy, blessing, friendship and God's provision. Trust me, it won't take you long. It is worth it.

Go ahead, click here and read it online.

One of the main characters in the story ifs a businessman and community leader named Boaz. In Boaz we get a great picture of what a real dude looks like. After reading the story again this morning I thought I would share with you a list of the traits that make Boaz such a great example for all men to follow.

1. He is God-centered in his words and action. (2:4&12)
2. He notices the important details. (2:5)
3. He is a protector of the weak and vulnerable. (2:9)
4. He is hospitable. (2:14)
5. He is tender. (2:15)
6. He takes time to celebrate and have fun. (3:7)
7. He is respectable and honoring. (3:13)
8. He is generous with others. (3:17)
9. He is action-oriented. (3:18)
10. He does not shrug off his responsibilities. (4:10)

I am not surprised that it is through the line of such a man that both King David (Matthew 1:5-6) and later Jesus (Matthew 1:16) would be born.

May God help me and all men to become increasingly more like Boaz.