Oh Words, where art thou?

Sometimes I just look at the post page.

I wish the words would just appear on the page. And that they would be brilliant.

I think of things during the day, but when it is finally quiet enough to type, POOF, they are gone. Like a bird released from the palm of a hand. The words have a sense of their freedom and they bolt for it.

Then I am left with a blank post and a tired mind. My thinking is scattered and unfocused. There is something to say if I could just coax it out of hiding.

I know it is there.

Sometimes I honestly just don't have the energy for this mental game of hide-n-seek the blog post. I am too exhausted to do the work.

I zone out as I wait for the words to come from my fingertips.

They do not come sometimes. And I must be ok with it.