The Pull-Up Bar Parable

A man wanted to get himself in shape. He was sick of feeling tired and being unhappy with the image staring back at him from behind the mirror. So he went to the store and he purchased a pull-up bar to hang above his door frame. Excitedly he hurried home and assembled the newly purchased fitness tool. "Here in my hands is the solution I've been searching for!" he thought. He promised himself he'd do pull-ups everyday and he was sure that having the bar hanging over the door-frame would be enough to remind him.

At first he worked his plan, and to the man's delight, his plan worked. The man loved the results he was seeing. He felt fit. His arms were getting stronger and his clothes fit better. He was happy. But the man's life started to get busy and his time for doing pull-ups diminished. He was worn out from work when he walked under the door-frame and his pull-up routine began getting overlooked. "Tomorrow I'll start doing them again, " he promised himself. But tomorrow turned into tomorrow which turned into tomorrow and eventually he just stopped his workouts all together. 

The pull-up bar was removed from the door-frame and laid down on the floor to become nothing more than a reminder of a previous devotion to living fit. Now it just sits there. The man's arms have weakened again and his is back to wearing his old clothes. His feelings of disappointment and his lack of satisfaction have returned. "Maybe someday I will start doing pull-ups again. When I have the time." he reasons. But the time never comes.