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RAGNAR Northwoods Trail Relay

Last weekend was one of the coolest running related experiences I've ever had; I was part of an eight person team that ran the RAGNAR Northwoods Trail race.

The race was located in 9 Mile Forest in Wausau, WI. We had a campsite in the woods and ran three loops of different lengths on trails through the trees. Each person on the team ran all three loops in a different order. The loops were 3 miles, 5 miles and 7.6 miles long. One runner per team would run at a time, and we'd "hand off" our race bib and number to the next runner.

Even though we weren't going for speed, my team finished 9th overall in a field of over 270 teams! In our specific group category we did even better, finishing 4th, with a time of 21:12:07!!

I ran at 7pm (3 miles), 1:30am (7.6 miles), and 9am (5 miles). It was a really cool schedule because I saw the forest at dusk, overnight, and mid-morning. Each setting was a memorable running experience. Besides being the longest run, the overnight one…