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What I'm Thankful For - MY FAMILY

I love Thanksgiving week.

I love the anticipation of great food and fun times with family. I can't wait for turkey, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, warm coffee, and all-day football. I love being in a warm house, listening to the kids laugh with their cousins. I love watching my beautiful wife sit on the couch and talk with my sister-in-law and laugh and plan all their Christmas shopping. I love taking a day in the middle of the week to not work, and instead to just be happy and thankful and relaxed.
I have so many blessings to be thankful for. Today I want to recognize my family. The Lord has been good to me in giving me a wife who loves me and supports me, three awesome kids I adore, and God-fearing parents and siblings who I know would do anything for me.
Stephanie and I have been through a lot in seventeen years together. She has supported me and been in my corner through it all. I have no doubt many other women would have thrown in the towel on my long ago, but she has alway…