There is Always a Choice

This weekend Andrew played in his first traveling baseball tournament. The tournament was held in River Falls, WI and Andrew's 10U AA team won the championship. Overall they were 4-0-1 in the tournament. It was an exciting weekend watching the boys play. A few of the games were very close and a few were blow-outs. The championship game was a rematch against River Falls, the team the boys tied in their first game 3-3. This time the score was 6-6 after 6 innings. Northfield won after scoring in the top of the 7th inning and then shutting down River Falls 1, 2, 3.

I have been looking to this weekend for years. Yeah that's right...YEARS! Almost everything went exactly as I envisioned it would with one notable exception. Right now I'm a parent and not a coach. Well, at least not officially a coach. I can't help myself watching the game and pointing things out to the poor parents sitting around me.

It was always my dream to be in the dugout with this group of boys. I've coached them since t-ball. Unfortunately that is not happening this year. The reasons why are not important for now. What is important is how I choose to handle it. I can be upset and whine and complain about what I think is unfair, or I can be positive, encouraging and embrace where I am in the hopes of growing and finding good. Option 2 is what I am striving for.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that you didn't plan on being in? Have you ever found yourself staring on something that looks completely different from how you imagined it?

What are you going to do? What path will you walk down? Will you allow disappointment and discouragement to ruin you or will you use those feeling to remake you into something new and better and stronger?

There is a choice to be made.

I still have plenty of opportunities to coach. I will coach Andrew's in-house baseball team and give my very best to those kids. And I have help Andrew at home so that he can be the very best player he can be. And given a chance, I can support the current coaches and do whatever they need so that they can be their very best.

There is a choice to be made.

There is always a choice to be made. The question is...which choice will you (and I) make?