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Busting CrossFit Myths - Myth #3 CrossFit is Too Expensive

One of the biggest things that held me back from joining CrossFit was the cost. I had heard it was expensive, and like most people I don’t have a ton of disposable income. Managing a busy family with kids 13, 12 and 10 doesn’t leave much for Dad to spend on himself each month.

When I checked out the membership cost at CrossFit Skopos my first thought was that people were right. CrossFit is expensive. There were multiple membership options, but even the cheapest one was $100 a month. In my mind I compared that to the $75 family membership I already had a the local YMCA. At the time I couldn’t spend the additional money.

However, the draw to try CrossFit wouldn’t go away and ultimately I chose to “treat” myself using some extra money I brought in after the Christmas holiday. I decided to try the six month membership option which I felt gave me the most value without too great of a commitment. I wanted to have enough skin in the game to stay motivated, without over burdening myself financially. After working out now for four and half months I feel I made the right decision.

I can’t bust the “CrossFit is Too Expensive” myth completely, but I can share some factors to consider when trying to decide if CrossFit is worth the cost.

To start with, I would recommend checking out the CrossFit affiliates and membership options around you. I’ve looked at a lot of websites and each CrossFit affiliate is different in what they charge and what athlete services they offer. Some offer punch cards, some multi-month memberships, some class-by-class costs. Some affiliates offer 2 time per week memberships, and some class-specific memberships. There is a wide variety of costs based on each individual affiliate and their specific membership options. Based on what I have seen I am pumped to say that CrossFit Skopos is a fantastic value.

Second, it is helpful to keep in mind what you are paying for when you join CrossFit. To start with, when I go to CrossFit Skopos I am getting an hour long class taught by a certified CrossFit coach. Usually the class is no more than 8-12 people so I am getting hands-on instruction, observation and coaching in every workout. This helps me make progress each day and also to ensure i am lifting safely.

Also, I never have to think about what workout I want to do that day. The daily workouts (WODs) are written for me by a coach who is planning out fitness goals and gains over time. This means I don’t get stuck in a rut doing the same exercise every time I go to the gym. It also means I am forced to train and improve all aspects of my fitness, not just the things that I like to do.

Additionally, my membership costs go directly into adding new equipment at my affiliate. As the membership grows so do the need for more barbells, dumbbells, wall balls, boxes and other CrossFit equipment. Plus there is the cost of adding more space to the box. This means I am getting to use a variety of quality equipment in my training.

Finally, one maybe not so obvious but extremely valuable part of CrossFit is the athlete community. The culture of an affiliate is important when considering joining. Since joining CrossFit I have gained a whole new group of friends. I love going to a workout and seeing the other athletes at my affiliate. We work together, we sweat together, we grind together, we win together, we fail together, we clap together, and we encourage each other. That comradery, that community, isn’t found in a Globo gym. There is monetary value in that.

In conclusion, yes a CrossFit membership is more expensive than some Globo gym or YMCA memberships. However, when you factor in the benefits of a coach, programmed daily work-outs, updated equipment, and an awesome community of friends it really isn't that expensive at all. Plus, I didn’t even write about all the longer term health benefits to doing constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity compared to dumbbell curls and bench presses.

My six month membership costs me $100 a month. On average I work-out 4x a week, 16x a month. This means I am paying about $6.25 per class - far less than I would spend on many other hourly activities. Heck, some people spend that much at Starbucks multiple times a week!
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