Friday, June 23, 2017

How Stephanie and I Celebrated 15 Years of Marriage

Yesterday Stephanie and I celebrated 15 years of marriage! 

To kick off the festivities, on Wednesday afternoon Stephanie bought a new car from Harry Browns in Faribault. She said good goodbye to the minivan and bought a 2014 Dodge Journey. She picked out a great new vehicle and her dad Ralph channeled his inner New Yorker to haggle us a great price.

We started the day Thursday driving to St. Peter to pick up Isabelle from the "Gustie" Basketball and Leadership camp. She spent 4 days there learning, practicing and having a blast. We celebrated together as a family with some Godfather's Pizza!

After getting back to Northfield I dropped the kids off at some friend's houses so Stephanie and I could be alone together. Having great friends who help with the kids is such a blessing. 

Stephanie had the idea that we should get tattoos together. She didn't have to work hard to convince me! After asking for recommendations on Facebook we decided to check out  Guns and Needles in Uptown Minneapolis. Then the tricky part was deciding what to get. 

In the end Stephanie couldn't decide on the tattoo she wanted so I was the only one who got ink'd. I'd been imagining a specific tattoo on my bicep for awhile and after describing it to the artist I was ready. It turned out perfect! Thank you Ashli "Rabbitt" Erickson for doing such a great job! 

Look up the verse. It's a good one!

After the tattoo shop we went to Burch Steak and Pizza Bar in Uptown. Nice atmosphere and some amazing food! We had steak, scallops, mushrooms, cheese dumplings and a ridiculously good salad. Every single thing tasted delicious. 

It was a fantastic anniversary. 15 years is a big deal. We've covered an amazing amount of ground as a couple and family. It has been a ride with a story to long to detail here, but through it all God has been gracious and kind and faithful to us. I am grateful for a wife who is strong, smart, faithful, generous, and beautiful. 

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