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2017 Year in Review

As 2017 wraps up I have much to be thankful for and much to remember. Here's a few of the biggest highlights.

Started CrossFit at Crossfit SkoposSpeaking at Cedarbrook and Quarry Winter Youth RetreatsGoing to Cabo, Mexico with Stephanie and the Elliason'sA weekend with the kids at my parent's cabinGiving the message at my brother Aaron's weddingGoing with Andrew to the Gopher Spring football gameGetting a new tattoo on my right armWatching Andrew and Jake playing in state baseball tournamentsTaking the kids to the Red Sox v Twins gameBoston trip with Jacob for his birthdayTigers v Twins game with Stephanie and the Kerr'sSpending a few days with Andrew at Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning CenterWinning my first CrossFit competition in St Michael, MN (The Fall Brawl)Going to the Gopher v Nebraska football game with my friendWatching Isabelle sing at the Senior Center

The year was also filled with many basketball and baseball games watched and coached, Sunday's p…

The Difference between a Shotgun and a Rifle

I read a great analogy today on Jeff Spencer blog. Dr. Spencer is an athlete, turned coach, advisor and mentor who has developed a comprehensive goal achievement system named The Champion's Blueprint. In his post he discusses one of the problems he sees in many of his clients. There’s a phenomenon I’ve observed in my clients I need to address: I’ll call it the shotgun approach. They pursue too many opportunities at once. They’re scattered. They dilute their energy and go in ten directions simultaneously. They think the more chances they pursue, the more likely they are to succeed at one of them.That’s a problem.  Shotguns may work for duck hunting, but for goals—and learning to seize the best opportunity—not so much. What happens is that while they’re pursuing multiple opportunities, they miss the best ones. While their focus is all over the place, flitting here and there, they’re chronically late for the opportunities that really do matter—and they miss them altogether. He doesn…

Happy 13th birthday Isabelle!

Today Isabelle officially became a teenager!

It's a family tradition to have birthday breakfast with day before school and work.

For the second year in a row Isabelle choose the Tavern in Northfield.

While we waited for our food I asked her about some of her favorite things. Here is the list:

Sport - Basketball
Colour - Green
Singer - MAX
Song - Lights Down Low
Home Cooked Meal - Chili
Fast Food - Culvers
Restaurant - Applebee's
Pizza Topping - Pepperoni
Friend - Marie and Josie
Movie - Daddy's Home
City - Paris
Teacher - Ms. Beumer
Candy - Kit Kat
Drink - Sprite
Chips - Lay's BBQ
Vacation spot - Colorado
Place She's Like to Go - Hawaii
Animal - Panda Bear
Flower - Rose
Appetizer - Nachos or Mozzarella Sticks
School Subject - Home Ecomonics
Career Hopes - Judge or Veterinarian
Phone App - Camera

Isabelle, Happy birthday! You are smart, beautiful, strong, caring, brave, independent, athletic, and reliable. I am so happy with the girl you are and the woman you are bec…