Monday, January 29, 2018

2018 Blizzard Bowl Recap

On Saturday I competed in my second CrossFit competition. The competition was called The Blizzard Bowl and was hosted by The Athlete Lab in Little Canada, MN.

I'd been waiting for, and looking forward to this event for months. The Blizzard Bowl was set up for 3 man teams to compete in 3 events. The top 5 teams would then compete in a 4th event for determine the winner. 

My teammates were Erik and Henry from CrossFit Skopos and we registered for the scaled division. Henry was the guy I did the Fall Brawl with (read about that event experience here). We make a pretty strong and balanced team. Henry and Erik are the strength and I'm the engine. They are both super positive, fun guys to be around and I'm glad they asked me to join them for Blizzard Bowl.

Here's a rundown of the events.

Event #1 

21 squat cleans 115# 
     15 leg raises
15 squat cleans 135#
     15 leg raises
12 squat cleans 155#
     15 leg raises
9 squat cleans 185#
     15 leg raises
6 squat cleans 205#


10 RFT 

20 DUs, alternating partner
If you cannot do DU, 6 box step overs 20"

5:00 time cap

Event #2 - 

3 Rounds each - :80 per round

15 Cal Assault Bike
8 Bar over burpees
Max S2OH 95#

Event #3 - 


40 Cal row
35 WBs 35# to 9'
60 Feet walking DB lunges 40#
10 Burpee box step ups 24"

Event # 4 - Finale

8:00 AMRAP ascending Reps (2-4-6, etc)

Partner deadlift 305#
Synchronized bar facing burpees
Synchronized DB snatches 40#

My team did an awesome job. We finished in the top six (out of fifteen teams) in all events except the Floater event. Overall we finished in 5th place!

The most mentally taxing event for me was the Floater. I can normally complete 20 DUs without much issue, but I started off moving my hands way to fast and I kept throwing off my rhythm. Finally in my 5th round I completed all the jumps without an error. I had to work really hard to keep my composure and mentally move on to the next event without beating myself up too much. Even though this event was only worth 1/2 points towards our total score I felt frustrated for not doing my best and letting my team down.

One of the best aspects of the Blizzard Bowl was all the support from the two other CrossFit Skopos teams competing and especially from all the friends who came up from Northfield to cheer us on. I'll bet we had the biggest cheering section in the box that day. Once again the CrossFit Skopos fit family proved how unique of a community we have. I'm so grateful to be part of a group of people that cares for one another so much! As an added bonus my brother Aaron showed up to cheer me on. So cool to have him there to watch. 

Even though I was hoping to be in the top three, overall I am satisfied with the way my team competed. We all gave our best, we'll learn from our mistakes and, most importantly, we had a blast doing it together. I love these guys and I look forwarded to competing together again in the future.

Also congrats to the Female Sc team who took 2nd place, and the to the Male Rx team who placed 6th. Awesome efforts by both teams!

** Update **
I failed to mention what a great job the people of The Athlete Lab did putting on this event. THis was only my second CrossFit competition but I was so impressed with the space, the logistics execution and job that staff, volunteers, judges and everyone else involved did. People were welcoming and friendly. The hosts communicated well and the timing for all the events ran smoothly. It was great to have real time scoring going on and major props to the guy who spent all day updating the score sheet.