Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Injury Update: Hernia Surgery Scheduled

I've been dealing with an inguinal hernia since March 10. Not so much fun constantly having to push your intestines back inside where they belong. It happened during the second week of the CrossFit Open. I wanted to finish all five weeks, plus I had the Sabertooth CrossFit Lifto De Mayo competition in May that I wanted to compete in, so I delayed saying anything to anyone. I finally saw a doctor the week before the competition and he confirmed the hernia. The following week I saw the surgeon and planned the surgery for June 5th. I wanted to wait until after Memorial Day so that I could do the Hero WOD "Murph" with the rest of my CrossFit Skopos family. The surgeon said there wasn't a high risk of further injury so he was ok waiting.

I'm thankful that the hernia hasn't completely hampered my ability to workout but I'm looking forward to having it repaired and being able to go 100% again. Even though I can still do most of the movements in my workouts, having an injury in the back of my mind has limited my ability to do everything I want to do. Plus it's annoying having to push the hernia back into place multiple times per day.

I had a hernia repaired about five years ago. It was also an inguinal hernia but it was on the other side. I'm not worried about the surgery. The thing that makes me the most nervous is the recovery time and how I will mentally manage not being able to workout. It will be 3-4 weeks before I can do much, and probably not until August until I'll be fully recovered to workout hard again. This is a very long time for someone who does CrossFit 5-6 times per week. I've worked really hard to get to where I am in terms of strength, endurance and body composition and I'm nervous about the potential setbacks in all those areas.

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Lifto de Mayo - CrossFit Competition Recap

Last weekend I competed at the CrossFit Sabertooth Lifto de Mayo event in Minneapolis. I competed in the scaled division with Sean, a friend and coach from CrossFit Skopos.

Lifto de Mayo was a two day event, with one unannounced event on Friday and 3 events + an unannounced final on Saturday. The weather could not have been more perfect for both days of competition.I thought it was really fun to have a couple of the events take place outside in the sun.

When the Friday night was announced my first thought was "this could not have been more perfect for me." My coach had to remind me to chill out because I was so hyper and I still had a couple hours before my heat would start. I love long cardio events and this was definitely one of those.

Here's a run down of Event #1 - Legs and Lungs.
2 rounds for time, with a 16 minute cap:
1 round was.... 
30 Partner Log Thrusters (40# log)
Pr #1 runs 250m
Pr #2 15 log over burpees 
Pr #1 completes the burpees
Pr #2 completes the run 
Pr #1 runs 250m again
Pr #2 30 log lunges 
Pr #1 completes the lunges
Pr #2 completes the run
Sean and I crushed this one in 9:09. We finished #2 out of twenty teams, only 5 seconds out of first place. I went home excited about our start and anticipating a great Saturday.

Our first event on Saturday was also outside. The ladies scaled teams were doing Event #2 inside so we started the day with event three. It was another cardio-biased WOD that consisted of rowing, jump roping and sandbag cleans. Here's the breakdown.

Event #3 -Bag Blitz.
For time, with a 14 minute cap:
Row 2,000m
2 rounds of:
150 single unders
16 sandbag cleans 100#
Sean and I had practiced this one and we had a solid plan going in. We modified the plan slightly and did more individual sandbag cleans before tagging out. We ended up breaking up each round by doing 8 unbroken cleans each. This seemed to be a good strategy because we took second place in this event also, finishing in 10:26, only :26 seconds behind the leaders.

Our next event took place inside the building. Even though we had tested this workout a few weeks before Lifo de Mayo I had some fear over it. The workout was a lot of snatches and clusters and after watching some of the other teams I wasn't sure how well I would do.

Event #2 - Snatch Attack 2.0 / Clusterfun
For time, with a 7 minute cap: 
21 Snatches 95
15 pull ups
15 snatches 105
12 pull ups
9 Snatches 115
9 pull ups
When the 7 minute cap hits, there will be a one minute rest, after which all teams will proceed to the next workout. 
For time, with a 6 minute cap 
5-10-15 Clusters, each team mate
Ascending weight: 115/105/95
A highlight of this workout for me was looking at the crowd during my first set of snatches and seeing my brother Jeff and his family there watching. I didn't expect them to come and it was a really cool surprise. Another highlight was having another team come over to Sean and I inbetween snatches and clusters checking our time because they were trying so hard to beat us.

Things went better than I thought they would. Sean and I finished in 3:40 and took second place in the snatches portion of the event (by only 1 second), and we took third in the clusters (04:52).

This left us sitting in first place heading into the final event. Our legs were pretty tired and we got a little concerned when they started setting up Air Assault Bikes on the competition floor. Not too long after the announced the final event (top 4 teams competing for the championship).

Event #5 - Final

1 round, per partner, for time... 
30 cal Bike
10 bar over burpees
10 Deadlifts (205#)
3 lengths sandbag carry 100#

I had an idea that we'd do pretty well at this, but I had no idea how incredible we'd do. We decided that Sean would go first. It ended up being a great decision because Sean absolutely crushed it! He was done with 30 bike cals before anyone else even reached 15! I had such a large lead the only thing stopping us from winning was me falling down and breaking something. I couldn't believe what a job Sean did, almost single handedly guaranteeing us the title.

I had a great time at Lfto de Mayo. Once again the Skopos community came out in support! There were three other Skopos teams competing and everyone did a fantastic job. Our coaches at Skopos prepared us really well and I was comfortable handing all the Lifto event movements thanks to their preparation.

I was also impressed with the CrossFit Sabertooth facility and volunteers. The event ran really smooth, the box was laid out perfectly for what we did, and everything flowed from start to finish. Great word Sabertooth and thanks for hosting this competition.