Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Injury Update: Hernia Surgery Successful

One week ago, on Tuesday June 5, I underwent laparoscopic right inguinal hernia surgery.

I was scheduled to be at the hospital at 6:30am to prepare for the surgery. Knowing that it would be weeks of recovery until I could CrossFit again, I went to the 5:30am Skopos class to get in one final workout before the surgery. It was a great WOD (workout of the day) and seeing all my morning crew friends put me in a good pre-surgery frame of mind.

When I got to the hospital one of the first faces I saw was Kim's. She is a surgery nurse there and she goes to Skopos with me. It was great to see her! I got all checked in and began surgery prep. I had a really nice nurse who made sure I was ready to roll. While waiting for the surgeon I saw another surgeon I knew walking outside my room. Dr. Clint is another Skopos friend! He came in my room to say hi and make sure I was feeling ok about the upcoming procedure.

Surgery was scheduled for 7:30am and I think they wheeled me in about 7:45. All I remember is talking with a nurse about my tattoos while they wrapped my arms and legs, then telling the anesthesiologist that I had 3 kids and what their ages and sex were. Next thing I knew I was awake back in my original room. I think it was just after 9am. The surgeon came by a little while later and let me know everything went great.

My surgeon was Dr. Fulco. He did my previous hernia repair (August 2012) and I really like him. He has a kind spirit and good approach with me as a patient. After some more recovery and observation I was wheeled out the door and pick up by Pastor Jeff W at 10:45am.

My first week of recovery has gone really well. I honestly haven't had a lot of pain to deal with. Most people are surprised to see me doing so well. Tuesday and Wednesday were the worst, but by the weekend I felt like I was moving pretty good. I even made it by the CrossFit box Thursday, Friday and Sunday to say hello to people. Sitting at home all day Tuesday and Wednesday got pretty boring so I needed to get out.

At home last week I basically just iced and binged on Netflix and Red Sox baseball games.

Netflix watched while resting...
'Shooter' all 8 episodes of season 2
'The Place Beyond the Pines'
'4 Minute Mile'
'In Defense of Food'
'Dexter' season 6, episodes 1-7
'Thor: Ragnarok'
'Doctor Strange'

Even though I'm back to work now, I'm doing my very best to resist the urge to "push it." It is hard to just sit and relax, or to depend on other people to do things. Because I haven't had much pain I've been able to move around quite a bit, but I don't want to mistake that freedom to mean that everything is healed. I want to push and carry and move things but I can't yet. I'm going to try and take it easy another week and see how things feel then before I pick up the activity pace too much. Better to go slow now than have a setback later.

Plus, everything is better when friends bring you Culver's Snickers concrete mixers.