My First CrossFit Competition

Last Saturday I competed in my first CrossFit competition. The competition was held in St. Michael, MN and hosted by EffectUs Athletics.
It was a 2-man, team event and my partner was a coach from the CrossFit Skopos box named Henry
The Fall Brawl consisted of 4 events. Teams completed event 1, followed by a 3 min break, then they did event 2. After about an hour rest this same schedule was repeated of events 3 and 4. 
The events were: Event 1 Partner 1 gets 7 min to establish a 1RPM on Behind the Neck jerk
1 min transition
Partner 2 gets 7 min to establish a 1RPM on Behind the Neck jerk Event 2 15:00 AMRAP
Each partner must complete a full round before switching
10 DB Alternating Arm Snatches (35#)
10 DB Thrusters (35#)
10 DB Box Step-Overs (35#, 24 in box) Event 3 - split into 2 parts
15:00 time cap
2000m for Row time (Event 3.1)
Max 15 ft rope pulls, partners alternate every 30 feet (Event 3.2) (205# sled) Event 4 15:00 time cap
150-120-90-60-30-15 Single Under jump rope

Happy Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017 has come and gone. It was pretty cold this year, around 30 degrees. Andrew (11) is in the top picture as the gorilla. He's had that mask for about 2 months, bought it with his own money at Menards. It's pretty hilarious. Izzy (12) is the minion in the bottom picture. She wore a matching outfit with her friend Reagan. Not pictured is Jake (14) because he was at basketball practice.

It is hard to believe how old the kids are now. They were all in different places, running around the neighborhoods with friends. Stephanie stayed home and handed out candy, and I walked around with my pastor and his family. It was nostalgic for me, talking his little boy Bo (almost 3) up the front doors, hearing people comment how cute he is, and picking him up and carrying him when he would ask in the sweetest voice. arms extended up to me, "hold you, hold you." Andrew used to do and say the exact same thing.

I expect in the the next few years the kids will all transition …

Show Up, Do the Work, Get Better

Beep. Beep. Beep.

"Just hit snooze and go back to sleep." 

That's what I told myself at 5:15 this morning when my cell phone alarm started dinging on the table next to my bed. 

I continued to whine to myself as I lay there debating.
"I don't even like the WOD today. I hate rope climbs. And I'm not real good at HSPUs."
Honestly, I was so close to not going. So close to burying myself under the covers for another hour until I would have to get up for work. 
But then my thoughts started to shift.
"You won't get better at rope climbs and HSPUs laying in bed." "You won't get stronger legs trying to steal a little extra sleep." "Henry and Jeff will be there, you like them and you encourage each other." "Don't cherry pick workouts. Like it or not, do the work." "Just....get.....up."
I got up and stumbled downstairs. I made a mug Cameron's Vanilla Hazelnut coffee and drove off towards Crossfit Skopos in t…

Notes from Ben Bergeron's book Chasing Excellence

Ben Bergeron is a New England Crossfit affiliate owner (CrossFit New England). Bergeron is most well known for coaching both the male and female 2016 CrossFit Games champions. Chasing Excellence is Ben's detailing of his mental strategy and training methods, along with the attitudes and attributes of both Mat Fraser and Katrin Davidsdottir, which lead to their success in the 2016 games. The book follows the flow of the Games events, and interweaves those experiences with the character traits Ben believes most contribute to people becoming champions.

At our best, mental toughness can fill the gaps that our talent and our practice have left open.

The only thing that works is pounding your craft, day in and day out, doing the right things over and over and over again.

Committing to a process requires a unique set of character traits - things like grit, resilience, accountability, confidence, optimism, perseverance and passion.

[Mat and Katrin] share a set of attitudes and attributes …

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