Marriage Resources

Marriage is a tough deal.  Blending two people with different backgrounds, experiences, expectations and personalities can make things hard.  Real hard.

However, hard as it may be, marriage is meant to be beautiful.  It is something to fight for.  It is something so near to the heart of God that he uses marriage as an illustration of the love he had for believers in the church.

With that challenge and importance of marriage in mind, I've complied this list of resources to be a help and an encouragement to people contemplating or committed in marriage.

Matt Chandler, The Village Church
Authority in the Home, (11.21.10)
The Role of Men, 3 part series (8.12, 8.19, 8.16.07)
Father's Day, (6.17.07)
Mother's Day, (5.13.07)
Sex, 3 part series (5.15, 5.15, 5.22.05)
Marriage and Sex, Josh Patterson (4.19.09)
The Role of Women, (2.03.03)


Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill Church
Real Marriage series (11 sermons, Jan. 2012 - March 2012)
Mars Hill Peasant Princess series (Preaching based on the Song of Solomon)
Headship (1.05.03)
Birth Control (1.06.08)
Sexual Sin (2.03.08)
Marriage and Women (3.15.09)
Marriage and Men (3.22.09)

Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church

"Love and Love Language" - PDF (link via Steve McCoy)
Cultivating a Healthy Marriage, Tim and Kathy Keller (4.01.05)
Marriage as Commitment and Priority, (9.01.91)
Love, Lust and Liberation, (4.25.99)
Sexuality and Christian Hope, (4.18.04)

John Piper, Bethlehem Baptist Church
The Pursuit of Biblical Man and Womanhood - 5 part seminar
Desiring God Marriage Resource Library - esp. the sermon series from 1.28-3.19.07

Perry Noble, New Spring Church
Marriage Resources - videos, sermons, Q & A's

Acts 29 Network
A Collection of Resources available here 

The Gospel Coalition
Marriage Resources - sermons, videos, interviews
Manhood and Womanhood - sermons, videos, interviews

Darrin Patrick, The Journey Church
The Blueprint of Marriage
Knowing Your Role: Helping and Headship
A Good Husband
Enjoying Your Marriage
Redeeming Masculinity - 3 part series (2008)
Marriage: What You Need to Hear
When Marriage is Hard
Songs of Songs - 6 part series

Daniel Montgomery, Sojourn Community Church
Questions to Ask Before You Get Engaged - PDF
The Marriage Bed: Some Good Info to Know - PDF
For Husbands and Wives: Sexual Intimacy in Marriage - PDF

Justin and Trisha Davis
Three Quick Videos with Marriage Tips

The Meaning of Marriage: Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God, Tim Keller